KY governor encourages students to ‘Bring Your Bible to School’ on Thursday

Kentucky Governer Matt Bevin is encouraging students to bring their Bibles to school on Thursday. (Source: @GovMattBevin/Twitter)

CINCINNATI (WXIX/Gray News) - Governor Matt Bevin is encouraging Kentucky students to participate in ‘Bring your Bible to School Day’ on Thursday.

“Young people from kindergarten to college age will be bringing their Bibles to school. I would encourage you please, don’t just bring your bible to school but read your Bible. Bring it, share it with others,” Bevin said in a video on Twitter.

His tweet was posted with a caption that read, in part: “The Judeo-Christian principles that are bound in this book are timeless, containing an amazing amount of history, knowledge, wisdom and guidance...”

It’s been reported that more than half a million kids across the country participated in the day in 2018, but the reviews of Bevin’s call for children to do so remain mixed among Kentucky residents.

“I don’t see any problems with it. I think anything that puts a little morals in our schools and with our children is good,” one resident said.

“I’m not a huge fan of that. It’s pretty simple, it’s separation of church and state. I got nothing against any religion but the school is a place for straight up learning and you’ve got to keep the church out of that,” another resident said.

Bevin encouraged students to take their Bibles to school last year as well to mark the occasion.

And the year before, he signed a bill allowing public schools across the state to teach Bible literacy.

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