Kaine, Warner say trade war threatens Virginia farmers and manufacturers

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WASHINGTON, DC (WDBJ7) U.S. Senators Tim Kaine and Mark Warner issued a joint statement Tuesday, saying the escalation of "a haphazard, ill-planned trade war with China" is threatening Virginia farmers and manufacturers.

"The escalation means continued uncertainty for Virginia’s soybean farmers, who continue to brace for the worst every time the word ‘tariffs’ is said in the Oval Office," the Senators said in the written statement.

"With the Trump Administration slapping China with additional tariffs and China planning to hit the U.S. right back, there seems to be no solution in sight," they said.

“It’s one thing to be tough on China’s unfair and illegal trade practices, but the longer this disastrous lack of a strategy continues, the more it’ll cost and the more of an impact it will have on Virginians’ bank accounts,” the Senators wrote.

In an interview Tuesday, Kaine said the President's trade policy is also affecting Virginia manufacturers.

"Inbev Anheuser Busch out of Williamsburg that's putting beer in aluminum cans or Volvo Trucks in Pulaski that's building trucks using steel and aluminum, they're already really suffering," Kaine said, "and the latest round is making it worse."

On Tuesday, President Trump downplayed the trade dispute, calling it "a little squabble."

In a recent interview, 9th District Congressman Morgan Griffith said the fact that the President is taking action is extremely positive.

"If we get a good deal the President's a genius," Griffith said. "If we don't get a good deal, he's a goat,"

"And we'll have to see what time tells us," Griffith said. "And really it may take us one of those 20-year look-backs where historians get to make that determination."