Kaine reacts to special session, Republican call for crime commission study

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WASHINGTON, DC (WDBJ7) When Virginia Republicans delayed a vote on gun control this week, they said the state should follow the example of Tim Kaine, who appointed a blue ribbon panel to investigate the Virginia Tech tragedy in 2007 when he was Governor.

Today, Kaine responded.

Speaking with Virginia reporters from Capitol Hill, Kaine said a blue ribbon panel is a good idea, but he said Republicans ignored some of the most important recommendations from the Virginia Tech panel, including an overhaul of the background check system.

"And so, when they had these proposals on the table Tuesday. And they decided to get out of town just as fast as they could, they didn't need another panel study about fixing the background check system, " Kaine said. "They had one 12 years ago, and they refused to do anything about it."

By voting to adjourn and referring gun control legislation to the State Crime Commission, Republican leaders in the General Assembly said they are "establishing a thorough and reasoned process that will lead to broad consensus."