Senator Kaine offers legislation to reduce evictions

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WASHINGTON, DC (WDBJ7) Cities in Virginia have some of the highest eviction rates in the country, and Senator Tim Kaine (D-VA) has introduced legislation he hopes will keep families in their homes.

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Kaine and two other Senators have sponsored The Prevent Evictions Act.

The legislation would support landlord-tenant mediation, provide grants for translation services and encourage new forms of rental insurance that could help in the event of a layoff, or temporary job loss.

"And so three Senators, Senators Hassan, Van Hollen and I introduced a bill this week that we think is a very solid bill," Kaine said Thursday during a teleconference with Virginia reporters, "to try to begin to try to bring down eviction rates in the country."

Kaine said the legislation could help landlords as well as tenants, and he said he hopes it will have bipartisan appeal.

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