Kaine reflects on election results

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ARLINGTON, Va. (WDBJ7) Senator Tim Kaine says Tuesday's election results provide compelling evidence of a continuing trend in Virginia.

Fresh from his victory over Republican Corey Stewart in Tuesday's U.S. Senate race, Kaine met with reporters at his campaign headquarters in Arlington.

With his win and the election of three more Democrats to Congress, Kaine said Virginians chose practical problem-solving over political division.

"Virginia is the best turnaround project in the United States from red to blue in the last 18 years and there's a lot to learn from how we have done that in Virginia," Kaine said. "Be the forward -thinking problem solvers. Let the other guys be the ideologues and there is a path to success for you."

Kaine also addressed the new political landscape in Washington. He said a divided Congress shouldn't lead to political gridlock.

He said there are areas in which he believes Democrats can work with the President, and one example is building roads, bridges, broadband and other infrastructure.

"He put out a blueprint on infrastructure last March and then immediately said that this will be for after the mid-terms," Kaine said. "So I hope that he is serious about that. If he is, we can do a lot on infrastructure."

Between now and the end of the year, Kaine said he anticipates an "intense" lame duck session of Congress, while Republicans still control both the House and Senate.