Keagy Village finally filling up

ROANOKE CO., Va. (WDBJ7) More businesses and opportunities are moving into Roanoke County, and after years of many storefronts sitting vacant, Keagy Village, is starting to fill up.

Lunch hour is pretty busy these days, as people are getting in a quick work out, or bite to eat.

“We’ve got the two new additions which was Famous Toastery and OrangeTheory, which have a packed house, they’re doing really well,” said Jessica Gauldin, Thalhimer

Pure Barre has been in this location for five years, but Vicki Lionberger just took over as owner this January.

“To be honest with you before I purchased the studio, I looked at other venues, I looked across the Roanoke Valley, I’m from here, I’ve lived here my whole life,” Lionberger said. “Looked at different areas, and then decided you know what, we’ve been here for almost five years, our clients know where we’re located, and because of what we’ve heard of what’s happening in and around the corridor, we’ve decided to stay put.”

There are two empty storefronts on each side of Pure Barre, but Jessica Gauldin says there’s been a lot of interest in filling up those spaces.

“Keagy Village has seen a really good retail-rapid growth in the last year and we’re seeing a lot of activity that we’re working on, and soon will be able to announce that as well,” Gauldin said.

It’s a two level shopping center, and a grocery store is projected to move in on the bottom anchor pad.

“I would love to see a nail salon or hair salon, obviously, that’d be perfect. What better way, come work out, then go get pampered,” said Lionberger.

She says, it’d be like a one-stop shop, that’s finally starting to come together.