Keeping our pets safe in extreme cold

ROANOKE, Va. (WDBJ7) With these frigid temperatures we’ve been feeling the last couple of days, it’s important to remember, it’s not just us who are cold when we head outside.

Dr. Jennifer McFarling with the Roanoke Valley SPCA is reminding pet owners to keep their furry friends warm too.

She suggests taking pets inside while it’s this cold out. And the chemicals we put down outside to keep us safe, can actually be really harmful to pets.

“A lot of times we use ice melt on surfaces so that it’ll keep things from freezing. But some of those can be toxic to our pets as well, and they might track them in the house, lick at their paws, consume them that way. It’s not typically because they eat it, but there are ways that that can come in,” said Dr. McFarling.

She recommends checking water dishes that you may leave outdoors as well. In these temps, that water can freeze pretty quickly, leaving animals without anything to drink.