Kentucky man, son's Nazi Halloween costumes cause backlash

Source: MGN
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OWENSBORO, Ky. (AP) - A Kentucky man posted online that he and his 5-year-old son were mistreated while dressed as Nazis for a Halloween event, and he now faces even more backlash.

News outlets report Bryant Goldbach posted online a picture of him and his son Friday, saying they attended a "Trail of Treats" event where they were threatened over their costumes. The post says Goldbach dressed as a Nazi officer and his son as Adolf Hitler because of the family's love of history.

It says "we had the displeasure of dealing with the fruits of the so-called 'Tolerant Left.' " Goldbach has since said the costumes were in poor taste and apologized.

Screenshots of his Facebook prior to his apology show slogans such as "White pride doesn't mean hate."