Kentucky veteran gifted new HVAC unit in time for winter weather

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LEXINGTON, Ky. (WKYT) - Chris Prater says money is tight around his house. The veteran’s family can’t afford another HVAC unit, but today that changed.

Thanks to Comfort Heating and Air and a veteran’s outreach program, Prater’s family will be replacing their aging 30-year-old unit with a brand new one, just in time for the winter weather.

Prater said up until now, their family has had to stay warm in some unconventional ways.

“Two dozen candles. Wear long sleeves like you're going outside… and electric blankets,” Prater said.

On top of a dying unit, some of their house’s windows are cracked so the little warmth they have has been seeping out and cool air is creeping in.

Prater said this unexpected gift is a blessing, and it makes it even sweeter that it came on his birthday. The new unit is valued at $8,000.