Kids using Smarties candy like drugs

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LEXINGTON, Va. (WDBJ7) What could be more innocent than candy?

“It was brought to my attention," says Cpl. J. A. Burks of the Lexington Police Department, "that some students in the city may have been participating in some of these behaviors where they would crush Smarties and either snort them or smoke them.”

It’s something that’s apparently been around a while. Kids have posted videos on YouTube about it.

“It’s kind of a national trend right now," says Jason White, Principal of Lylburn Downing Middle School. "Has been for several years. I was alerted to it in a previous job.”

“Just took a little while to trickle to our jurisdiction here,” Cpl. Burks explains.

It’s something that’s not only unhealthy, but – educators worry – could be leading the kids down a dangerous path.

“And that’s certainly where we were really started getting concerned," says Burks. "Are these behaviors being displayed at an early age, and then moving on to other things.”

“It’s our job to educate kids and prepare them for life," says Principal White, "Not just in our curriculum in the classroom, but also you know in social issues and things that may be dangerous to their health, things that could be detrimental to their success.”