Knittin' Coop owner sells "knit kits" for people stuck at home

SALEM, Va. (WDBJ) - In downtown Salem, a knitting shop is offering a way to help you keep busy while practicing social distancing.

WDBJ7 photo

The Knittin' Coop, which opened in August, is the first knitting shop in Salem in around 35 years. Due to COVID-19, the shop is closed temporarily, but still open for some business. The owner is creating knitting kits for new and advanced knitters to buy and pick up curbside.

The "learn to knit" kits come with instructions for knitting, a scarf pattern, two bundles of yarn and needles.

"You can take it out and sit on your deck, and knit and listen to the outdoors, just enjoy doing something with your hands, keeping your hands busy, keeps your mind occupied. Knitting is very cathartic," Robin Ferguson, owner of the Knittin' Coop, said.

If you're interested in a kit, you can check out and message Ferguson on the Knittin' Coop Facebook and Instagram pages, or you can call her at (540) 588 2447.

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