Kroger introduces new shopping technology at Roanoke County store

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BONSACK, Va. (WDBJ7) Tech-savvy shoppers now have a faster way to get their groceries in Roanoke County.

"Scan, Bag, Go" made its debut Tuesday at the Kroger in Bonsack. The technology allows customers to scan and bag items as they shop, using an app on their mobile phone or devices available inside the store.

The "Scan, Bag, Go" system keeps a running total of groceries, so customers can keep track of what they're about to spend. When finished customers head to the self-checkout area of the store to make a payment.

"Because their items are already scanned and bagged, they can just make a quick payment and they're on their way," explained Kroger Mid-Atlantic spokesperson, Kyle Russell.

The Bonsack Kroger is the first Kroger store in the Mid-Atlantic division to deploy the new technology. It was selected because of its amount of "digitally engaged customers," according to Kroger officials.