Head football coach at Liberty talks transition from FCS to FBS

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LYNCHBURG, Va. (WDBJ7) "It's more exposure for this university."

Liberty University head football coach Turner Gill is no stranger to dealing with FBS level football. Having played at Nebraska and coached at Kansas, he knows what he's up against.

"It's a transition, it's gonna take time to be very competitive," Gill said.

The flames have faced FBS teams before, opening their 2016 season against Virginia Tech. This year, they'll meet up with Old Dominion, UVA and Auburn to name a few.

"We gotta catch up with their experience, they already have that experience as far as the schools that have already been FBS," Gill said.

One off the field qualification needed to become FBS official is that at least 15,000 people must attend each home game. A feat Turner believes they can accomplish.

"The scenery is great as far as coming and watching a football game here. The facilities are excellent," Gill said.

Like the new football indoor practice facility that's garnered major attention.

"Certainly in 2019, we're already planning for that. This facility as well as Williams Stadium will be used for the games," Virginia Amateur Sports President Dan Foutz said.

Despite what may be a difficult road ahead, LU is looking to make history.

"You got the Catholics there with Notre Dame, you got the Mormons with BYU, we want Liberty University to be that for all the Protestants," Gill said.