LU Send Now team provides disaster relief in Puerto Rico

LYNCHBURG, Va. (WDBJ7)-- The destruction from Hurricane Maria is still being felt in Puerto Rico more than a month later. A team from Lynchburg left today to go help people affected.

A group of eight Liberty University students and two group leaders will spend the next week in Ponce, Puerto Rico. They will be working along side Samaritan's Purse doing disaster relief projects.

For many it will be their first time visiting the island, but for one student it is home.

"I have been praying for my mental stability as soon as I get there. Because I left and everything was okay and now I'm returning to a very different scenario," said Nahiris Arancamendi, who just moved to Lynchburg from Ponce two months ago.

Before leaving for the airport, the volunteers joined together with the basketball team who has been raising money for Puerto Rico. They held hands, hoping for relief in Ponce and a safe trip for all.