Labor Day celebrations bring politics to forefront in Buena Vista

Published: Sep. 2, 2019 at 4:36 PM EDT
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Labor Day parades are a tradition for many hometowns during the holiday weekend, but in Buena Vista, every year the theme is politics.

Families claimed curbside seats Monday morning along Magnolia Avenue as the bands marched through.

While children chased after candy, candidates took their first steps in their fall campaigns.

Following the parade, crowds gathered at a nearby pavilion to hear more from the political contenders.

"We come just about every year,” Bill Woodward said. “I think for the last 40 years I just missed one or two of them."

It's an annual tradition that helps voters decide how they want to cast their ballots.

"I sit and listen to all they have to say and later on form an opinion," Woodward said.

The Virginia House of Delegates race in District 24 captured the crowd's attention.

The Republican, Democrat and Independent candidates all took the stage.

Incumbent Republican Ronnie Campbell talked about continuing the momentum in the state house.

"We did a lot of other good things in Richmond this past semester," Campbell said.

Democrat Christian Worth talked about how she would work collaboratively across party lines.

"Because our true Virginia Spirit is not about what divides us; it's about what brings us together as a community," Worth said.

Independent Billy Eli Fishpaw spoke about the environment and the need to address carbon emissions.

"We have one atmosphere, one," Fishpaw said.

Beyond those three, all the candidates vying for state and local titles got their chance to present their platforms.

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