Lake Life: Restaurant Tour Pt. 1

Published: Jul. 22, 2019 at 5:19 PM EDT
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Bridgewater Plaza is one of the main places people go for fun and food at the lake.

“The plaza’s been here almost 30 years now…even as kids coming up here to vacation this is the place we came to. It’s really the central hub of the lake,” said General Manager of Mango’s, Jason Hodnett.

And over the last 30 years, things have changed a little bit, like the addition of Mexico Viejo Tequila Bar.

This spot opened up less than two years ago, and is quickly becoming a place for people to try.

“The fresco margarita. It’s fresh orange juice, squeezed orange juice, and we make it right in front of everybody,” said Wilmer Melgar, Manager.

He says the fresh guacamole and the arroz con pollo are also must-haves. Melgar’s goal is to make this a very relaxed environment.

“Enjoy the view, enjoy the food, enjoy the drinks,” Melgar said.

Just down the road from the plaza, is Vinny’s Italian Grill and Pizzeria.

They recently remodeled and expanded, and the food includes mounds of pasta, like this, and fresh pizza.

But back at Bridgewater is Mangos.

“This is our 19th season. So it’s been a long time. About 7 years ago is when I came in and we’ve tried to make some adjustments to our food and try to change up our entertainment some…I think we’ve been successful with it,” Hodnett said.

One of the things they added to the menu a few years ago – fish tacos.

“Our Mahi Mahi tacos blackened with a jicama slaw and mango salsa…we added them about four years ago and they’ve quickly become one of the most popular items on the menu.”

And if you’re looking to hang out, grab some food or maybe one of their famous mango hurricanes, it doesn’t matter if it’s raining, or even if it’s off season.

“A lot of people don’t know that we have an inside dining room. I mean we’re open until the week before Christmas and then we’re closed for January and February. So a lot of people don’t know that either,” Hodnett said.

These restaurants give locals and vacationers options, Italian, Mexican, and American food, all with easy access to the water.