Lake Life: Ramulous Ridge Vineyards

Published: Jul. 10, 2019 at 9:00 AM EDT
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Ramulous Ridge Vineyards is an estate winery at Smith Mountain Lake. Something owner, Sandi Ramaker, pours her heart and soul into.

“Years ago, I started making homemade wine, basement wine, kit wine, kitchen sink wine…” Ramaker said.

But what does it mean to be an estate grown winery?

“That’s terminology used when the winemaker only makes wine from her own grapes, her own juice. She has never bought grapes from outside sources, or juice from outside sources.”

That is a lot of work. Ramulous grows nine different varieties of grapes, which means wine drinkers have choices.

“I’d have to ask you if you’re a sweet wine drinker, a dry wine drinker…a white wine drinker, or a red wine drinker?”

She says she has a lot of popular wines including a Cab Franc and Malbec, and one more that’s unique to the area.

“Viognier is old French wine grape, been around forever, and is considered Virginia’s State grape because the marketing folks like the sound ‘Virginia is for Viognier lovers,’” she said.

Ramaker offers Wisconsin cheeses to pair with her wines, as well as cigars, with tons of places to sit, or play games. Even on rainy days.

“Like this? Yeah. Days like this are awesome in the winery because if it’s a bad weather day, it’s going to be really good day for us.”

But she says, any day is a really good day to head out, sip a little, and enjoy some company.

Visit the winery at Smith Mountain Lake at 3601 Hendricks Store Rd. in Moneta, or visit the website: .