Landscaping companies change winter routines because of warm winter weather

ROANOKE COUNTY, Va. (WDBJ7)-- Snow plows and chemicals have sat mostly unused in warehouses this winter. The warm weather has made landscaping companies change their normal winter routines.

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Planting and redesigning lawns--these are efforts you often see in the spring. But this warm winter weather has allowed landscaping companies to get a head start.

"It's also allowed us to get projects done in a quicker fashion than we normally would have. It's allowed us to start projects earlier, so hopefully people can enjoy them sooner and we can get to more people this spring," Jason Childress, manager of Varsity Landscaping, said.

It's a company based in Cave Spring. Childress says the downside to this weather is a wall of snow plows and chemicals that were barely used, so they have to sit in the warehouse until next year, taking up space.

"It's definitely been unique; I mean normally there's at least one or two plowable snow events, if not more. This year we had one where we did a tiny bit I guess back in early January," he said.

And, it's been rainy.

"So there's a lot of days we haven't been able to work just because of rain too, and the ground doesn't dry as fast this time of year, so when it does rain, it's harder to get back out there the day after sometimes," Childress explained.

While landscapers say the snow would've been nice for some extra cash, at this point, Childress hopes chances of snow are squashed.

"If it's not going to snow now, it needs to just not snow period," he said.

After all, he already put the plows back in place.

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