Late spring gardening tips from the experts

CHRISTIANSBURG, Va. (WDBJ7) We may have skipped right over spring, and gone straight to the summer like temps, but garden experts say, don’t just assume that means summer time planting.

Daphne Williams with Valley Landscaping says you might want to hold on just a bit longer to plant on your own.

“If you’re going to plant annuals right now, I’d kind of wait. You can go ahead and purchase, but I’d kind of keep them in pots where you can move them inside if you need to or cover them very easily,” Williams said.

That’s because we’ve had a much colder April. The last average frost-free date for this area is May 15th, but she says we’re about a month behind. But she says there are some things you can get a jump start on now.

“Definitely go ahead and plant basically any tree, shrub or perennial right now. Right now you can plant pansies, violas, snapdragons, some osteospermum, somethings that enjoy the cold temperature a little bit more, if you want to go ahead and get some color,” she said.

She says plant according to our zone – 6-B.

And if you’re new to the whole gardening thing? She’s got some suggestions to help get you started with that, as well.

“You want the hole you put it in to be about one and a half to two times as wide as the current plant is now, and just as deep as it is, just as deep as the current root structure is,” she said. “Also too, we recommend once you pull the plant out of the pot you break up the roots a little bit just to get them started. You also want to make sure you’re backfilling correctly. You can amend the soil in regular landscape beds.”

And if you’re tight on space? Container gardening is always trendy.

“Container gardening is never going to go out of style. It started out being popular, and I think it’s going to move more toward that in the future where people have less space, and they want to spend less time on it. The container gardening part of it is going to be the biggest thing that’s going to stay trendy,” Williams said.

As the seasons change, so will the gardening tips. If you have questions, ask your local landscaper, or garden pro. You can contact Valley Landscaping at .