Lawmakers look to improve I81

BLACKSBURG, Va. (WDBJ7) More than a dozen delegates want to improve Virginia's interstate highway system. Chris Hurst held a town hall for his constituents at the Blacksburg library to give them an update from the capital.

Though much of his work in Richmond is with education, healthcare, and technology he is also working to improve interstate 81. "It's critical that we change the narrative for transportation in Virginia from being solely focused on the issues of northern Virginia" said Chris Hurst, 12th District Delegate," but expanding to look at real issues along the I-81 coordinator."

Hurst has joined Steve Lands, Terry Kilgore, and Chris Head, along with more than a dozen other lawmakers to ask for federal assistance to improve Interstate 81. Possible solutions the propose include a third lane for congested spots, restrictions for tractor trailers in the right land, or a possible truck toll to fund the improvements. "We need to look at solutions that require money and don't require money," said Hurst. "Because there might be effective options other than having massive construction sites."