Lawsuit accuses LU athletic director of mishandling assault cases at former school

Ian McCaw
Ian McCaw(WDBJ)
Published: Feb. 3, 2017 at 6:15 PM EST
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A lawsuit shows Liberty University's new Athletic Director may have had knowledge of a scandal in Baylor's football program.

Ian McCaw was recently hired at Liberty. He was previously the athletic director at Baylor University before resigning amid a sexual assault scandal at the school in May 2016.

The court filing accuses Ian McCaw of being dismissive about the criminal investigations surrounding his student athletes at Baylor.

In September of 2013 a football player was arrested for assault and threatening to kill someone.

According to the lawsuit, when Baylor's then-football coach Art Briles sent a text message to McCaw and told him police were keeping the matter under wraps, McCaw was quoted as saying "That would be great if they kept it quiet!"

The lawsuit also alleges that McCaw failed to follow the proper rules when a student athlete came forward to report a gang rape.

McCaw was informed of the situation by the athlete's coach, the lawsuit states. The allegations go on to say McCaw "incorrectly told the coach it was up to the victim to take action. McCaw told the coach that if the student did not press charges there was nothing else they could do."

In a statement sent to WDBJ7, McCaw's attorney said "at the time Baylor did not have a Title IX office, provide Title IX education or have policies or procedures for handling or reporting allegations of sexual assault."

The lawyer went on to say "McCaw was faced with a complex situation wherein he desired to honor the wishes of the alleged victim, who was unwilling to speak to the police according to her coach. McCaw responsibly directed the head coach to the Office of Judicial Affairs, which handles student conduct matters, and was the appropriate venue to take such an allegation."

WDBJ7 asked a spokesperson for Liberty University whether the lawsuit might have an impact on McCaw's employment at LU. The spokesperson did not provide an answer to that question.

LU's statement did not indicate whether school leaders plan to stand behind McCaw in the face of the new allegations, but it did include numerous quotes from people unaffiliated with LU who support McCaw, including several members of Baylor's Board of Regents.

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