League of Women Voters hosts Lynchburg Candidate Forum

LYNCHBURG, Va. (WDBJ7) In Lynchburg, the League of Women Voters held a candidate forum tonight.

Candidates for Sheriff (Don Sloan), Commissioner of the Revenue (Mitchell W. Nuckles) and Treasurer (Robert Bailey) all answered questions on budget constraints and challenges moving forward. All three currently hold the position they are running for and are unopposed.

We also heard from both candidates for Commonwealth's Attorney. Bethany Harrison and Carlos Hutcherson were asked questions on domestic violence practices, case loads, and relationships with law enforcement.

Hutcherson pushed for change in the current office and said he wanted to cultivate a more diverse work atmosphere.

Harrison talked about her experience working as the current Chief Deputy Commonwealth's Attorney and various programs she has worked with in that position.

"It's not enough to vote. We need to be informed voters," said Judy Lee, President of Lynchburg's League of Women Voters.

Anyone who missed the forum can check it out on Lynchburg's website before the election.