Lena Horne stamp revealed at annual Black History Program

ROANOKE, Va. (WDBJ7) The Lena Horne U.S. Postage Forever Stamp was revealed in Roanoke at a Black History Event.

The postal staff of the Appalachian District unveiled the stamp during the Annual Black History Month Celebration. Attendees enjoyed local vendors, a fashion show, and a performance by the Lucy Addison Steppers. Throughout the program speakers spoke about Lena Horne's great accomplishments as an actress and jazz singer.

Monique Pfefer, United States Postal Service: "We're trying to raise awareness of Black history period, because I don't think enough people in general are educated enough about black history," said Monique Pfefer. "So I would like all the children and people who come today to gain further knowledge about our legends like Lena Horne who was a huge civil rights activist as well."

Lena Horne is the 41st addition to the Black History stamp series.