Lexington and Buena Vista vote on new machines

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ROCKBRIDGE COUNTY (WDBJ7) In Buena Vista, they’re getting rave reviews.

Their new electronic scanner replaces an older touch screen system that not only had aged out, but didn’t leave the paper ballot for a more secure recount.

“Voters say it’s really easy for them to know what to do and self-explanatory and easier than the touch screen,” says Buena Vista Registrar Emilie Staton.

Today’s primaries were the first day for Buena Vista’s new scanners, as they were for Lexington, which chose a different but similar system.

“I’ve been getting updates hourly from the precinct, and everything is going very smoothly," says Jan Yowell, Lexington's Registrar. "We’re very pleased.”

But they’ve had a little time to get used to them.

“I’ve been using them for 45 days because absentee voting started on April 22," explains Yowell. "So I’ve been using them for 45 days. And the voters who came in to absentee vote, they enjoyed them too. It was so simple.”

Just a mark on the ballot, and into the scanner it goes. And so far, so good.

“It’s just kind of scary, first time using them today," says Buena Vista's Staton. "So we’re still learning.”