Lexington builder joins the tiny home trend

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LEXINGTON, Va. (WDBJ) -- Sometimes, an idea just strikes with a bang like a hammer strike.
The Thompsons were just sitting there watching "Tiny Homes Nation," when, Roy Thompson thought, “Everybody’s got these fifty- and sixty-thousand dollar tiny homes.”
“And the next thing you know," according to his son, Benji, "He’s come home with a trailer, comes home with material.”
“I decided just to try it,” Roy says.
“Couple weeks later," Benji says, pointing out the small cabin on a trailer behind him, "This is what we got so far.”
Yep, when contractor Roy Thompson comes up with a plan, he just does it. “You know," he says, "Motivation is the key word. Try it, attempt it. If it fails, fall down, get back up and do it again.”
But where do you find blueprints for a tiny home?
“No design," Roy says. "Just pulled it out of my hat.”
They've been in the regular construction field for thirty-plus years, "Building homes, remodels, kitchens, bathrooms, you name it," Benji says. "Hopefully, it’ll all come together and look like we planned in our head.”
Which is a tiny home, with a log exterior, a kitchen, a loft bed area, and a full – if still tiny – bathroom.
Roy says: “Hardest part is the plumbing. That’s the hardest part I have. Everything is so compact.”
But they've got that and the tight working space figured out, and already have had a number of inquiries.
So how do they think business will be?
Benji: “Who knows? So far, it’s tiny.”
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