Lexington family offers happy thoughts

Published: May. 21, 2020 at 5:52 PM EDT
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The rain may have moved things onto the porch, but it didn’t stop a 55-day trend.

“It was two weeks after school was canceled that we just were getting a little stir crazy and looking for things to keep the family entertained,” explained Nicole Ulrich.

A new, light thought every day, written on a chalkboard and put in front of their house. A family project, and a way to reach out to the neighbors.

“This is a big walking neighborhood," Ulrich said. "So we were seeing neighbors out all the time and we just thought it could be fun to connect with them and have a chance to add maybe a little sunshine to their day.”

“It is really cool, though," said daughter Emma Ulrich. "You get the community involved. Everybody says that they start their walk and they look forward to walking and seeing our sign, so that’s really cool.”

Emma does the actual writing; her Mom says she has the best handwriting.

“I did pictures at the beginning," she said. "But they’re getting a little long, so there’s not as many pictures.”

But they’re not having a big problem coming up with new material.

“At first, we just kind of scoured the internet for funny sayings and we’d make up our own and things," Nicole Ulrich said. "And now it’s gotten to the point where people are texting us any time they see something, or they’re emailing us or calling us to give us ideas for it.”

Fifty-five and counting. Nicole’s been keeping a gallery on Google.

But is there a chance they’ll run out?

“We keep talking about it and we can’t come up with a number yet to stop and call it quits," said Emma Ulrich. "Because it’s so interesting to see everybody to get involved with it, it will be sad when we have to end.”

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