Lexington market closes, but still doing good

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LEXINGTON, Va. (WDBJ7) The sign in the front window says it all. Cool Springs Organic Market closed last week after 15 years in Lexington.

“It came as quite a shock to hear that Cool Springs was closing,” said one former employee.

But now, as they clear the shelves, they’re reacting to another, more pleasant surprise, because when the Rockbridge area Food Pantry contacted owner Selena Anderson, according to Food Pantry Assistant Manager Andrew Jewell, she said …

“Hey, any of the food that’s left over, I already intended to donate it to the food pantry. So you’ll need to come over for that, if nothing else.”

And not just food, either. There’s personal care products and cleaning products too.

“We’re not often having dish liquid and laundry detergent and all the different types of grains and wonderfully healthy food as well,” according to Rockbridge Area Relief Association Director Jen Handy.

“Those aren’t items typically covered under the SNAP program – those are food stamps," explains Jewell. "So I know our clients very much appreciate those.”

In the end, including all the food – because the owner put no limits on the folks from the Pantry – there’s a lot of stuff going to a good cause.

“There’s a lot still in here," Handy says. "So we’re very thankful.”

“Oh, we’ll be sorting through this probably for a couple months,” says Jewell.