Lexington police serve as Santa's helpers

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LEXINGTON, Va. (WDBJ7) The police cars were all lined up, like Santa’s reindeer, outside Lexington police headquarters.

“It’s certainly a great part of our job, a part of our job that we enjoy," Police Capt. Mark Riley said. "And we’re looking forward to doing that for our community.”

Inside, stacked for these Santas in blue, was the key to that job: presents to be taken out for delivery on Christmas morning, gifts for a family that couldn’t afford them otherwise, bought by Lexington Police and the Lexington Police Foundation.

“We actually went to the school system and we asked them to provide us the name of a family that would match up with what we were trying to do," explained Lori Turner of the Lexington Police Foundation. "And we went with that.”

“We try and involved as many police officers as we can and of course they all want to be involved," Riley said. "They all really, really care. And especially our department. They really have hearts of gold and they do truly, truly care about the community.”

Which means this is a duty they have no trouble getting volunteers for. Or, for that matter, getting out Christmas cards, one for everyone at local elder care and assisted living facilities.

“They want to brighten somebody’s Christmas," RIley said. "You know, that one card may make the difference in someone’s Christmas, and we take pride in doing that.”

“This is what it’s about, the Christmas spirit is about, not just your own family but doing for others as well," said Turner. "So we’re really excited to be a part of this.”

It's a job they don’t see as hard work at all on Christmas.

Riley said: “It’s so much more fun, and it helps our officers. It’s something different than the run of the mill, day-to-day things that they do.”