Lexington public works work to control post-cold ice sheet

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LEXINGTON, Va. (WDBJ7) It was warmer Tuesday, but the night's freezing rain left a gift of ice in the morning.

In Rockbridge County and Lexington, many roads and sidewalks had ice. Public works pretreated and spread salt, but when temperatures get as low as they have been the past few days, those treatments can only do so much.

"We were in a deep freeze, and so it wasn't helpful that the pavement temperatures themselves were very low even when the ambient air temperature was going up," said Jeff Martone, Lexington's Public Works Director. "So it was a struggle this go around, but the crews worked all night long and they took care of business where they had to."

Fortunately, last winter's mild temperatures means they had plenty of salt left over to spread today.