Lexington restaurant has unique service

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LEXINGTON, Va. (WDBJ7) In a busy restaurant kitchen, getting entrees together for the lunchtime rush, they serve a range of dishes to eager customers with just one big difference. There's no check.

The Community Table in Lexington provides dinner on Monday nights and lunch on Wednesdays to whoever shows up, and they ask nothing in return.

“You can come in here and eat the entire meal, and whatever you feel like donating to us, put it in the box," Organizer Cathy Switcher said.

The staff – waiters, cooks, even the Maitre d', are all volunteers.

“It’s a fun bunch of people," according to volunteer Alice Correll. "And I’ve met some nice people here, and I feel like I’m just a part of helping Lexington and Rockbridge County too.”

But it’s not just about the food. The tables have cloth tablecloths, there’s china, not paper plates, and the wait staff treats every customer – even the children -- in a way they may have never been treated before.

“One of our wait staff had the children under five ordering their own meals," Switcher says, "And knowing what they were going to get, and eating it.”

They average around a hundred people, and there’s no test for who can be served.

“This whole program is for every socio-economic level," Correll said. "Every job level, every age. But there’s no check for it. Ad lib pay.”