Lexington restaurant makes meals to cook at home

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LEXINGTON, Va. (WDBJ) -- It's Southern food, comfort food, "but we want to do it in a very elegant manner," says Chef Matt Adams.
That’s the Red Hen, a small restaurant just across the street from the “Stonewall” Jackson house.
“Using Southern ingredients, with Southern and more of an elegant style of cooking,” Adams explains.
And not just Southern ingredients, but locally sourced ones from around the Rockbridge area. Things like locally produced beef and vegetables. As he pulls some out of the refrigerator, it may look like it, but it isn’t a kit for the restaurant’s kitchen. It’s something Chef Matts has put together for you to cook.
“It’s very easy to buy frozen food," he says. "It’s very easy to buy fast food. And so we’re trying to make it a little bit easier for people to get quality, local ingredients that they can just pick up, go home, cook, and have a nice meal.”
Or, as he calls it: Red Hen at Home.
“And if you’re not very confident in your cooking skills," he says reassuringly, "We have step-by-step instructions.”
And it all comes in a convenient bag – something that reduces the carbon footprint as well – with four options (beef, chicken fish and vegetarian) in the cooler just up the road at the Blue Phoenix.
Adams says: “We’ve gotten a lot of really good feedback. People are really happy about it.”
But that doesn’t mean you need never go out for dinner again.
“So come in and sit down and have a meal, it’s a very different experience, you know," he says."That, and we have three chefs in the back, so it’s a little bit easier for us here than it is in the house to do some of the preparations, so …”