Lexington youth finds historic relic

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LEXINGTON, Va. (WDBJ7)-- Henry Achin was with his family along the Maury at Jordan's Point when something caught his eye.

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“I was looking down so I wouldn’t trip," the 11-year-old said. "And it was there.”

A rock, kind of gun shaped. What boy wouldn’t want to play with that?

“I picked it up and then I was running and I dropped it, and that’s why the rock was kind of knocked off right here,” he said.

That revealed an actual gun barrel, with an important clue: The name Forehand and Wadsworth.

“That means that it was made like around 130 years ago,” he explained. You see, Henry did some research and took his find to the local historical society.

“It’s an object that when you first look at it begins to tell its own story," Eric Wilson, the Executive Director of the Rockbridge Historical Society, said. "You don’t have to imagine what’s broken off. You really can put yourself in the mind of the hand that might have held it.”

Which does raise the question: How does a gun end up in the river?

“Like I’m wondering, is it just someone who lost it in a flood?" Achin speculated. "Or you know, kind of far-fetched, but it might even be like a murderer killed somebody with it and then tossed it in the river.”

“You see a lot of spear points, arrowheads around these parts," Wilson said of your less dramatic artifacts. "But I haven’t heard of anyone coming across anything else quite like that.”

It's a historic discovery, perhaps inspiring Henry to go into history after school?

Achin said: “I think I might want to be like a software engineer.”

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