Lexington's Cocoa Mill has a range of options for Valentine's Day chocolate

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LEXINGTON, Va. (WDBJ7) Valentine’s Day is a busy day for a chocolate shop

“It’s been crazy rush,” says the Cocoa Mill's Amanda Allen.

They have any number of choices, including the specially made chocolate dipped strawberries.

“We sell a lot of those," says Mike Mayo, the shop's chocolatier. "Yesterday and today.”

“People have been calling for weeks," Allen says. "Make sure you have my strawberries.”

But if they run out, like they did last year, there are other options.

“Well, we have the edible heart box that’s filled with truffles. We have a lot of shapes: roses, hearts, our normal fare," says Mayo. "And then we have an anatomically correct heart.”

Wait, what?

Mayo explains: “It’s really about the right size too. So it’s affordable and it’s sort of funny.”

Sadly for us, the spot where the heart should be is empty. Like last year’s strawberries, they sold out.

“Yeah," Allen says. "We sold the last one yesterday.”

But if your taste turns to the unusual, there are still a few interesting shapes. Like mice.

Or you could stick to the strawberries. They dipped 60 pounds this year.

“There were about 14 strawberries per pound," Mayo says, smiling. "You can do the math.”