Lexington's Valley Pawn hides money around town in treasure hunt

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LEXINGTON, Va. (WDBJ7) They could be anywhere. In a parking lot or a park. A street corner maybe.

“I think we put 50 to 75 bucks in each envelope,” explains Joshua Davis of Valley Pawn of Lexington.

And then they hid them, posting clues on Facebook to the places like …
“In that alley, right across from the Robert E Lee Hotel," says Davis, pointing up Main Street. "So we hid one down there in some plants.”

Really anywhere. But surely not the cemetery?

“We did! We did," he says. "I mean, we were respectful. I mean, first thing we said was: I don’t people running all over this place, so we hid it somewhere where there’s a lot of pavement and so they could just circle around and find it. So it was pretty easy, I think.”

And find it they did, posting back pictures to prove it.

“And if they sent us a picture," Davis says, "We’re going to go ahead and match that money to a local community, a local school team or sponsorship – anything that they want to sponsor in their name.”

But surely this is going to cut into profits.

“Well, that’s okay. That’s what it’s for, isn’t it?" says Davis. "I mean, so I always say, if you’re in business, you can’t be disengaged from the community or you’re going to fail. So it’s a little selfish, because we think that as we get entrenched into the community and as we give back to the community in the proper way that our business will thrive and we’ll give back more, so …”

Not bad for a first try that, they say, didn’t involve much planning.

“I think it’s been a wild success for just throwing it together,” Davis says, smiling.