Liberty Mountain Snowflex a 'cool' alternative staycation

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LYNCHBURG, Va. (WDBJ7) (Original story from July 1, 2015) If you're tired of all the summer heat, cool off at Liberty Mountain Snowflex Centre.

In 2005, Liberty University was looking for a way to better use their mountainous property. Officials decided to build an outdoor recreational complex for students and the public.

England’s Briton Engineering designed the Snowflex park.

There are slopes for all skill levels and is a great training ground for the off-season.

Freestylers can play on the cornice drop, triple kickers, a colossal quarter pipe and many other features.

Three tubing slopes opened up in 2013. There's a beginner hill for kids that runs 80 ft and has 5 to 10 mph speeds.

You can hit up to 30 mph on the main 350 ft run. The 500ft run pushes you to more than 30 mph.

All first-time visitors must start out on the beginner slop to get used to the terrain, since it's different from regular snow.

Instructors are also available for lessons.

Be sure to bring proper attire. During these warmer months, you can wear short sleeve shirts and shorts, as long as you have elbow and knee pads. Closed-toed shoes are recommended for tubing.

You'll get damp from the Snowflex Centre's misting system.

Pricing varies by hour, starting at $5.