Liberty University professor contributes research toward pandemic fight

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Published: Apr. 23, 2020 at 4:46 PM EDT
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In a time where Virginia has reached over 10,000 cases of

and the United States has hit over 800,000, research into stopping the spread has begun.


professor Wayne Strasser, looking at equipment and how it affects patients has taken his life by storm.

"Most of my recent work involves different mask designs, different therapies to address the spread of corona in hospitals," said Strasser.

Strasser's work is all virtual.

He looks at computer models to better understand solutions for stopping the spread.

"First and foremost, people are in hospitals right now needing treatment right now, and every life matters," said Strasser. "Secondly, we don't know when the next wave of corona or the next pandemic is gonna hit, and the work we're doing is independent of the particular pathogen we're studying."

Strasser also emphasizes that the work he's doing is intended to be done quickly and get solutions out as fast as possible.

"And all those simulations are running on hundreds of computers at a time trying to get solutions very quickly so that we can disseminate that information to the public," said Strasser.

He says it goes beyond simply having the equipment, but rather, how things such as ventilators and nasal cannulas are used.

"We're considering all those scenarios to make sure that the pathogen is contained near the patient," said Strasser.

Strasser says he doesn't see an end in sight for his work, but is thankful to play his part.

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