LCS will not hold 2020 graduation ceremonies at Vines Center

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LYNCHBURG, Va. (WDBJ7) -- One day after a heated Lynchburg School Board meeting, Lynchburg City Schools announced 2020 graduation ceremonies will not be held at the Vines Center at Liberty University.

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In a statement Wednesday, Lynchburg City Schools said it was informed by Liberty University that the Vines Center will not be available for graduation in May because of a construction project starting in April.

"Although we had not signed a contract, we had requested a save the date, which the Vines Center planner had previously confirmed," the statement continued.

This comes one day after a school board meeting Tuesday where parents and students expressed concern over moving graduations to the Vines Center.

According to Lynchburg City Schools, 2020 graduation ceremonies will take place at the respective high schools.

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