Linemen from Texas arrive in Danville

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DANVILLE, Va. (WDBJ) - For many cities in our area, preparations for Hurricane Florence have been going on for several days.

"What's unique about this storm is that we have a weeks notice to be prepared," said Jason Grey, Danville Utility's Director.

Grey says Danville is ready for whatever comes this weekend. While he expects some power outages, there is a plan in place.

"Well we're gonna work the areas where we can get the most people restored the quickest," said Grey.

That plan includes calling in backup.

"We were first told to come down to Danville, Danville at first was expecting a major storm to come through," said Ron Conley, a training supervisor for Pike Electric.

Conley began traveling to Danville Monday with 12 linemen. They arrived in Danville around 3 PM.

But Florence might not affect Danville as much anymore.

"There's a really good chance that we can release those crews to go south. But we would like to be sure before we do that," said Jerone Mabe, an Electric Distribution Superintendent for Danville Utilities. Carolina.

Conley said his men will assess the weather in the morning before making a decision about whether to stay in Danville or head to North