Local animal shelters prepare for Florence

ROANOKE, Va. (WDBJ7) The Regional Center for Animal Care and Protection, or RCACP, is getting ready to help local animals in the wake of Florence.

They've already planned for people to stay in the shelter overnight, and they're offering everyone the chance to get free I-D tags for their pets.

The pound is also offering an adoption special to help make room.

"We are still doing, waving the fee with an approved application, so we'll do that through the end of the week. We just want to make sure everyone has the opportunity to help our local animals," said Director of Operations, Melinda Rector.

Rector is reminding pet owners to please bring any outdoor animals inside, or find a safe place for them.

If you and your pet need a safe place, Roanoke city has pet-friendly shelters set up.

And over at the Roanoke Valley SPCA, they are also preparing the shelter for any impending weather.

They've fostered out most of their animals ahead of the weekend, and officials with the SPCA say they're prepared to help other organizations with collections and also with housing animals if needed.

But they want pet owners to also be aware, and prepare their own homes. That includes things like getting crates and leashes ready at the door.

"If you have a true emergency, you could always take, even like a pillow case. If you have a cat, you could put cat in a pillow case and tie it off, they can still breathe in there. Just as a temporary measure to get them to your car safely so they don't escape from you," said Denise Hayes.

Of course, make sure you have food and water for your pets.

However, the SPCA will need some help. They don’t have a working washer or drier, so they'll need volunteers to come pick up laundry, wash, dry, and fold everything to bring back to the shelter.