Local dentist talks about being hacked

ROANOKE, Va. (WDBJ7) -- Patients from one local dentist received emails over the past few days saying there was a lien and they owed money for services they never received.

Dr. Peggy Lovecchio likes to spend her day tending to patients.

Recently she's had to spend time figuring out why her patients and business associates are getting fake invoices. She received several calls over the past few days about it.

"We said where did that come from when they told us the return address or the email they were suppose to send the money to it was not our email. We were concerned was someone using our name or did someone hacked into something," said Lovecchio.

The dental office's email was hacked. The messages vary-- some requesting hundreds of dollars and other saying 'click on this link'. Lovecchio says the emails use aggressive language.

"I felt concern for them so I took it personally, these are my people and I want to protect them," said Lovecchio.

Lovecchio filed a report with Roanoke County Police and they are investigating. She says only the office email was compromised and all patient records and business financial software is secure.

"We've heard about big corporation being hacked local business and small business are attacked too, you think it's not going to happen here and it does," said Lovecchio.