Local farms suffering during coronavirus pandemic

Published: Mar. 26, 2020 at 10:28 PM EDT
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Many people's jobs throughout our hometowns are being affected daily by the

pandemic, including our local farms.

The owners at Four Oaks Farms, Jerry and Joyce Conner, said since the COVID-19 pandemic started, their sales have decreased by 80 percent.

It's primarily a lettuce farm where most of their business comes from the school systems; they also provide for some local restaurants. But now, that business has been put on pause.

"Some of those have closed up - some of them are still going delivery, but the amount of stuff they buy has dramatically decreased," said Conner.

The Conners are retired and currently, this is their only source of income. They rely heavily on farmers' markets to sell their produce and now, they're closed as well.

"It's financially put a lot on us, not just our farm but a lot of us in a very precarious situation," said Conner.

They already had a website where people could order their produce, but now they're relying on that and the hopes that people don't forget their local farms during this crisis.

Since a bulk of their product isn't being used by the schools, it is in danger of going bad, so they have been giving the lettuce to another local farmer to feed his pigs.

One way to support your local Virginia farmers during this time is by going to

. You can order local produce right there on the website.

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