Patrick Henry High School band students get the honor of a lifetime

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ROANOKE, Va. (WDBJ) Inside the halls of Patrick Henry High School in Roanoke you'll hear the sounds of musicians practicing. Soon those same sounds will fill Carnegie Hall in New York City.

"They're thrilled, They're really really thrilled," said PH Band Teacher Alex Schmitt.

The band is going to be performing at the prestigious Carnegie Hall on Friday. So how does a high school band receive that honor?

"Practice, practice, practice, and lot of hard work," Schmitt said. "You need a great community. You need great leadership in your school system and some kids that are hungry for greatness."

"We're excited because we've worked for it," said PH Senior Camry Campbell.

That work started more than a year and half ago when the band began preparing. A special recording was submitted to a festival company, Schmitt explained and the band was accepted.

One hundred eleven students will make the trip to New York City to perform in the National Band and Orchestra Festival.

The honor is great and the student musicians these days are walking tall and proud.

"They're sitting a little straighter in their chairs for rehearsal. It means something to them. It means something to me," Schmitt said. "It's been such a pleasure to see them get ready for this performance and now that it's here they can't wait."

Students will also visit Ellis Island, the Statue of Liberty, the 911 Memorial and see "The Lion King" as part of the experience, but it's the culmination of hard work and the thrill of performing at Carnegie Hall that's the high note of their trip.

Student Camry Campbell said it like this: "It was great to know that I'm going to be going to such a famous stage that some best musicians in the world never get to perform at," said Campbell. "Words can't even explain."