Local man named Bacon World Champion

Some call him a business owner, some call him a chef. And while you're at it...go ahead and call him a Bacon World Champion!

"He takes all of his talents he has here in Roanoke and takes them to a national level and we're so excited to see what the future holds for him."

Peter Radjou recently won ten-thousand dollars in the World Food Championships in Alabama.

Out of ten categories, Peter won in the bacon category.

"People, other competitors were looking at the dish, they said, 'Wow, oh my gosh, what have you done?'," said Peter Radjou

Radjou could also technically be called a school cafeteria worker. He works at Roanoke Catholic.

"We are so spoiled. Roanoke Catholic students, faculty and staff are so blessed. Peter Radjou is not only an incredible godly man but as you know first hand now, he's an incredible chef."

Peter serves about 350 students every day at Roanoke Catholic.

But there seems to be a trend when it comes to everyone's favorite -- Chicken Tiki Marsala.

Peter came to America in 1992 and has become a huge success since.

On top of getting up at 5 a.m. to feed hundreds of students in a cafeteria, Peter owns the restaurant Taaza in Grandin Village.

He may be a winner and a hard worker, but the heart of Peter is to serve and volunteer.

"You look at someone like Chef Radjou who has his own restaurant, who could easily be opening up three four and five restaurants a year, :17 devoting his time to Catholic education and this particular Catholic school I think that speaks to the man to the character and his love for this place."

"Serve 250 of his closest friends at the Rescue Mission, twice a year. That's the kind of person Peter is."

The success and the winnings are nice but it was a text from one of his daughters that meant the most.

"She said dad, you make us strive for our dreams and here you go fulfilling your dream...that was the best prize I think," Radjou said.