God's Pit Crew filling trailer of donated items for Bahamas

ROANOKE, Va. (WDBJ7)- Dorian has moved away from the United States, but that hasn't stopped people in the mainlands wanting to help those affected.

WDBJ7 photo

The Bahamas partnered with God's Pit Crew, seeking donations to help those that has lost it all.

"If you think of somebody that has absolutely lost everything, like the Bahamas example, they've lost their home, they're out, flood waters, there's a lot of contamination," said Wesley Wilson, a volunteer for God's Pit Crew.

The volunteers are collecting a plethora of items, from bottled water and food, to wash cloths and paper towels. One item in particular that doesn't get donated as often as it should is antibacterial wipes.

"You may need to clean something. If you've got that Clorox wipe, you can wipe your hands, you can wipe off an item that you have. You want to get rid of those germs and kill bacteria. People in those conditions really need those wipes" said Wilson.

As soon as the trailer is filled with donations, it will be sent to the Bahamas.

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