Local screen printing company stays open, helps other small businesses

Published: Mar. 18, 2020 at 5:11 PM EDT
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Many small businesses have signs out front, which talk about temporary closures, fewer hours and not letting customers come inside.

King Screen is in that same boat, but they're helping other small businesses to stay on their feet.

According to Scott Garnet, co-owner of King Screen, the machines do a lot of the work, but there's still some manual labor involved. All and all though, screen printing is a routine.

Most routines in life right now are not going according to plan.

"And nobody knows what's happening hour by hour, because everything is changing so quickly. There could be a press conference right now while we are speaking that says 'Ok, everything is shut down for two weeks."'

Since that's not the case yet, Garnett is doing what he can to help himself, and help other small businesses, all through online merchandise stores.

"We host and manage, we set up the store, and then as the orders are produced, we print the orders, we package them and we can either drop ship them directly to the customer, or house them here for local pickup," said Garnett.

He's had a few takers, and is hopeful for more. Many of his orders have also been canceled. Garnett believes this option could really help folks to at least keep their names alive.

"Most of us have the same story, they're seeing events canceled and that's the biggest blow to our industry," said Garnett.

Garnett says he has enough blank merchandise in stock now to fulfill his orders, and is able to still get deliveries - but a lot is up in the air.

As long as the machines are still noisy here, that's a sign, business is still on the move.

"We will do that for as long as we're able to," said Garnett.

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