Virginia teen wins world Excel championship

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DUMFRIES, VA. (WUSA9) -- You may not even be aware it’s a sport….But a 17-year-old Dumfries teenager has become a world champion at Excel spreadsheets.

It’s the first time in the competition’s 16 years that an American has clinched the title.

For John Dumoulin, the path to world champion happened a bit by accident.“I went into class one day, and my teacher said that you had qualified for a national competition.”

That put him in contention for the national competition- which pits excel users against each other by giving them real world scenarios to work with.

He won first place, 3 thousand dollars, and the chance to compete at the world competition in Anaheim. “When I went to the world competition I was just like why not!” said Dumoulin.

He was up against finalists from 49 countries. The top 200, out of 2.2 million who applied.

His mother, Jean Dumoulin, said the competition was fierce.

“When we got there, we did have people tell us that a lot of the contingencies that come from the other countries- some of those kids train year round.”

For the Dumfries rising senior- Excel is a hobby: a way of organizing the stats of his favorite baseball team, the L.A Dodgers. “It’s fun for me because I get to have it all laid out for me on a spreadsheet.” He said.

But it’s also just one of many things he has going on in his life. “I’m very busy. I’m on a varsity team that goes year round. I have a part-time job and Chick-fil-a right now. And, I’m also an eagle scout with troupe 1390.” Said Dumoulin.

Along with a medal and title of world champion, Dumoulin won 7 thousand dollars. Dumoulin plans to put his winnings toward college.

Dumoulin said he wants to pursue a career in business or medicine.