Logan Sherrill travels to Parris Island for a week of training with the Marine Corps

Day 4, Friday, the 9th:

Logan sent us one more update before he heads back home from boot camp. Today, he had to go through a "confidence course." Check out how he did.

Day 3, Thursday, the 8th:

Today his real training begun at boot camp! See how he did.

Day 2, Wednesday, the 7th:

Logan has officially made it to boot camp, and is undergoing training with the US Marines.

Logan and his cameraman arrived in Beaufort, S.C., which is about ten miles north of Parris Island. When they got to the hotel they lined everyone up in a single file line to take their picture, and to give them their itinerary and room key.

Day 1, Tuesday, the 6th:

Logan left Monday night for Parris Island, where he will be going through Marine Corps boot camp all week. Today, he checked in to tell us how the commute went as he got ready for his first day.