Long-term recovery team forming in Amherst County one month after tornado

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AMHERST Co., Va. (WDBJ7) -- Tuesday marks one month since an EF-3 tornado barreled through parts of Elon.

Now, a long-term recovery group is forming to help those affected as they move forward.

For some families in Amherst County, it's not a short journey or an easy path.

It's a long and difficult road to recovery. "There are still people living in hotels, there are still people living in apartments that are not theirs," explained Bradley Mullinax, the pastor of River Church in Madison Heights.

Now, one month after the tornado, a new team of people and organizations is forming. "Insurance isn't covering everything and now there are gaps that we're going to get to be able to fill," said Mullinax. "I'd love it to be done tomorrow I think everyone would and be back to normal."

Pastor Mullinax will be leading the charge of the county's new long-term recovery team.

He says it will take a village to raise up what was torn down. "Habitat can build a house, and united way may be able to move funds and Red Cross has resources and there's government grants," he said.

Debbie Habel with the local Habitat says they're expecting to help rebuild around three homes. "Because we build the houses with volunteer labor, it's just the materials cost," she said.

The goal of the new recovery group is to bring resource to the people who need them.

There isn't a timeline for when things will be back to "normal" in the county, but Mullinex says they're in it for the long-haul. "We're not going to quit no matter how long it takes."

Mullinax says the newly formed recovery team will be ready and available if any other future disasters happen.

The group will meet for the first time as an executive team on Wednesday.