Spotlight Game of the Week: Lord Botetourt at Blacksburg

Published: Sep. 6, 2019 at 4:03 PM EDT
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It's always a big game feel when the Cavaliers and Bruins take the field, and after both teams walked away winners in week one, there's already plenty at stake in our Game of the Week here in week two

Cavaliers down a man, with starting running back Hunter Rice in a cast, but all that means is it was time for Botetourt's Evan Eller to shine. First quarter he breaks through the line for an early touchdown to put Lord Botetourt up 7-0 early on

Luke Goforth leading the charge for Blacksburg, he launches one downfield and finds his man, Karim Mohamed. Looked like it might have been bobbled, but ruled a catch. Bruins' drive comes up empty.

2nd quarter, Cavaliers have a 4th and goal at the 1. Eller keeps it, around the left side, dives for the end zone, but the Bruins defense holds strong with a goal line stand and a turnover on downs.

Then, it's Goforth, takes it himself, runs to his left, breaks a tackle, decides there's nothing there, how bout we try the other side. Crosses the field and takes it in for a Blacksburg touchdown and this baby is knotted up at 7 apiece.

Before the half, Botetourt looking to make something happen, that's James-Ryan Salvi who lets a deep ball rip but it's picked off by Goforth to end another Cavaliers' drive early.

We went to the break tied at 7. Goforth, looking to keep up his strong game in half number 2.

3rd quarter, Bruins driving down 3, the senior looking for another deep shot, instead it's picked off by Eller, but he goes down immediately grabbing his leg.

Cavalier fans holding their breath, hoping the injury bug hasn't struck again. Turns out, just a cramp. Eller takes a couple plays off, comes back, and what do you know? Finds his way back to the end zone, touchdown Cavaliers, extra point is blocked so it's 16-7.

Bruins in unfamiliar territory, they didn't lose a single game in the regular season last year but down late in this one as Goforth scrambles, fires and gets picked off and there he is again, yes that's Number 2 he says and why not.

On the next drive he'll keep it himself, around the outside for his third rushing touchdown of the ballgame. And that folks, is the dagger through the heart of the Bruins.

Lord Botetourt comes into Blacksburg and wins 23-7, ending a more than 2-year regular season winning streak for the Bruins.

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