Los Angeles Fire Department Swift Water Rescue Team comes to Henry County

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HENRY COUNTY, Va. (WDBJ) - It took them 54 hours to drive across the country.

"When they called me and told me about what time they were getting here and how long they had been driving I said where are y'all coming from," said Suzie Helbert, Deputy Director for Henry Co. Public Safety

They, the swift water rescue team, were coming from Los Angeles California. The 16 men on the team are all firefighters with the L.A Fire Department.

"Basically our focus right now is preparing for anything that may happen here in Henry County," said Tom Henzgen, the team's task force leader.

Originally the team was headed to Fort AP Hill in Bowling Green but got redirected by FEMA. While Henry County's forecast has changed slightly, the county still expects to see 4-6 inches of rain or more and some heavy wind gusts.

"Henry County and other localities like us don't have their own Swift Water Teams, it takes a lot of training, continuing training, expensive equipment," said Suzie Helbert.

And these men are ready to serve where they are needed.

"We can work in very, very fast turbulent rapid type water or we can work in benign, non moving, flood waters and we joined the fire service to help people and we just took it a step further," said Henzgen.